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Morning Wood Company - Jacksonville Woodworker - Arlo Mason

Arlo Mason – Owner and Craftsman

I grew up in the mountains close to the little town of Bellvue, Colorado – just outside of Fort Collins. Living on a dirt road, way back in the mountains meant we had to do things for ourselves. We dug our own well, planted our own gardens, grew our own vegetables and fruits, and raised our own bulls, turkeys and chickens. While other kids played with toys after school or during the summer, my brother and I spent our days chopping firewood for the winter, exploring the wilderness, looking foolishly for gold in mountain rivers, fishing in lakes we hiked to and helping our dad build the house we lived in. It wasn’t a glamorous childhood, but it allowed me to learn from my dad the right way to do things. Back in those days, power tools were a luxury – so everything was done with hand tools that had been passed down from the generations prior to us. His philosophy was to never do anything half-assed; If you’re going to do something, do it right the first time.

I still use some hand tools today, but mostly I use updated tools to get the job done; with three children and a wife, my furniture building time has to be efficient and effective.

After 16 years in Colorado, we relocated to Texas. I graduated High School and enlisted in the Army as a 91B (combat medic). I left the Army in 2004 and went into the technology field where I first worked for myself, developing websites. In 2007 I moved to Austin, Tx and began working for a start-up technology company as their director of technology. I was then recruited by another tech firm where I was the lead web designer for their fortune 500 clients. A few years later I met my wife and we moved to Florida and continued to work in the technology field. But soon I was helping my wife open her Pediatric Dental office and worked full time helping with the buildout of the practice and worked at nights developing her website and social media/marketing plans. Helping with the buildout, fueled the fire in me to start working with my hands again and getting dirty; just like when I was a kid helping my dad build our house.

In 2017 I opened Morning Wood Furniture Company and started building children’s furniture for our children and as gifts for friends. But I also wanted to do more than just furniture, so in 2019 I rebranded as MorningWood Company in an effort to have a name that better suited my goals and visions for the company. I now have my own line of in-stock wood items aptly named the Thick & Hard Wood Collection, along with other merchandise such as t-shirts, hats, leather patches, and coffee mugs; with much more in the works. My goal has been and will always be to build beautiful hardwood furniture that will last my clients a lifetime and can be passed down through generations.